Cracking Chestnuts Videos

Chestnut Video Examples (on the CDSS website)

The video clips in this collection were largely collected by David Millstone, with additional videos supported by a CDSS grant, and a few simply spotted on the internet. Mr. Millstone and I selected and organized the material to give you a taste of each dance in the Cracking Chestnuts collection. Follow the links on this page to a list of dances that corresponds to the table of contents in the book. Links include blue text (and open up when clicked) if there is more than one example of a dance.

The video pages were programmed by my son, Micah Smukler. Each page provides directions to the dance, and the directions are highlighted as the video progresses, to clarify how the video example corresponds to the dance directions. Information about location, date, musicians and caller is also provided.

Please take your time exploring these video examples. There are many wonderful moments in them. For example, in British Sorrow, it’s fun to watch a couple waiting out take matters into their own hands. And, in the second time through Queen Victoria, you can watch some nice interaction between the two authors of Cracking Chestnuts.

Chestnuts Video Examples (on the CDSS website)